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conduit trench calculation

The conduit trench calculation of BBSoft® facilitates the calculation of trench-volumes, independent of reaches or manholes. The volumes can be calculated via normal CAD-polygons.

Further features:

  • display the single layers in the conduit trench as 3D-solid
  • it is possible to coat the layer with specific layer thickness, a material or a color
  • trench walls can be drawn as 3D-surfaces
  • an overview via the conduit trench segments and their total masses can be displayed
  • the height of the trench bottom and the trench depths can be edited subsequently
  • display a cross-profile of a self-chosen station
  • a longitudinal section of a trench conduit can be drawn

required modules: BB-VMABR

  • Leitungsgrabenabrechnung

    options conduit trench calculation

  • Leitungsgrabenabrechnung

    cross-profile conduit trench calculation

  • Leitungsgrabenabrechnung

    longitudinal section conduit trench calculation

  • Leitungsgrabenabrechnung

    3D-solid conduit trench calculation