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quantity survey

The quantity survey calculates the volume between two 3D-terrain models, e.g. stock and intended terrain. Referring to the prism-method REB the calculation of the masses is made. The mass difference is indicated in cubic metres and is sub-divided into filling- and cutting surfaces. The cutting of a defined humus layer is considered optionally. The single, with each other compared, surfaces receive numbers and are described in a calculation report with corner points and their appropriate heights. A cost estimation (€, CHF or self-defined currency unit) is executed in the protocol through the input of the cubic metre prices for filling, cutting and humus cutting.

Further features

  • BBSoft® makes mass balancing available, in case, that the quantity survey does not fulfill the given masses
  • you can shift your layer of comparison in vertical direction, to adapt your filling- or rather cutting surfaces
  • the output of a prism list and the inscription of prism numbers is possible in the CAD
  • filling and cutting can be displayed with surface hatch patterns or just with '+' and '-'
  • our software calculates the masses of misshapen building pits, quarriers or waters immediately and unproblematically
  • the quantity survey between thousands of surfaces occurs very fast and is completely reviewable
  • filling and cutting can be displayed as 3D-solids
  • by using our software in the area of river engineering shorelines as well as water depths of flood plaines can be determined and represented comfortable
  • an output of an visual appealing legend or statistics will be obtained via different presentation possibilities
  • you can scale water-management sites with the water level analysis (reservoir capacity heights and the respective heading up volumina will be displayed in a diagram)
  • it is possible to display all gradients of your model as hatch patterns via height difference layers
  • construction works (subsection calculation of quantities) can be assigned to objects/calculations.

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VMAS

  • Massenermittlung

    protocol output

  • Massenermittlung

    cost estimation

  • Massenermittlung

    height difference layer

  • Massenermittlung

    filling/cutting with legend