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Indirect discharger

The indirect discharger cadastre of BBSoft® provides communes and wastewater associations a tool for the efficient administration of all companies which should be supervised. In the database it is possible during a contamination of wastewater to detect the perpetrator by means of various filter functions.

Further features:

  • for companies transfer points can be created, at which the wastewater belonging to the company is transferred to the public sewer system
  • sampling points and wastewater inspections again could be created for the transfer points
  • in the CAD reaches and manholes can be directly assigned to transfer points. Therefore a so-called net backtracking is possible: the flow of the concerning chemical is replicable via highlighting in the reach net. According to this measures could be taken/li>
  • all relevant operating data (e.g. addresses, contact people, water protection officer, etc.) can be stored and edited in our database
  • utilized chemicals and waste material can be recorded in the databsse. 1775 chemicals and 550 waste materials, inclusive CAS- and AVV number, are available in the database from the beginning
  • the hazard potential of the discharge of harmful substances of companies can be calculated
  • limit exceedances will be represented in the database in red. An overview could be released, which lists all substances with limit exceedances

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LKAN, BB-LIND

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    companies & connection points

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    editing in the CAD

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