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Hunting cadastre

The Hunting Cadastre of BBSoft® administeres clearly all huntable surfaces. Extensive information is supplied, besides the surface type, e.g. about the hunting association, about the tenants of a hunt and about the chief of the hunters' association, about the responsible forestry office (with the respective contact person) and datailed information for a lease contract is provided.

Further features:

  • a visually appealing presentation with predefined signatures for hunting grounds, pacified areas and parcels of land
  • individual setting options for the inscription (area size, tenant of a hunt and end of the tenancy of a hunt)
  • the output of individually designed reports and invitations to hunting conventions, in Microsoft® Word or Excel® is possible
  • comfortable administration of convention protocols, which can be directly opened and edited in LibreOffice Writer und Calc
  • implementation of counting of votes after hunting conventions, at which the presence of the owner as well as the area size of the parcel of land are considered
  • pacified areas are automatically excluded from the counting, because they house small towns or farms and doesn't count to the hunting ground
  • the polygon overlay of pacified areas and hunting grounds can be clearly illustrated in the Viewer window
  • all plots are apparent in an extensive presentation through the loaded cadastral data in the background

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-GEGR, BB-GFJGD

  • Jagdkataster

    display of huntig/forest & pacified areas in the CAD

  • Jagdkataster

    technical data mask and display in CivilDesign

  • Jagdkataster

    hunting ground statistic

  • Jagdkataster

    analysis of the hunting convention