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Surface drainage

Surface drainage, which is a part of the software BBSoft®, creates conditions for user and planners to design parking areas, roundabouts and junctions exactly and to guarantee a properly drainage of this surfaces. Measuring points can be constructed via distances and via a specification of an inclination.

Further features:

  • the surface drainage was extended of the "measuring point out of falling gradient"-command
  • surface drainage can be created by quick design (without previously assigning inclinations and heights)
  • an automatic adjustment of the falling gradients is possible: if the value "height" at the starting point is changed, all other measuring points, which are connected to the start, can be re-calculated
  • closed systems can be designed
  • broken elements (e.g. line connections) of surface drainage can be fixed
  • drainage paths (line connections and points) can be exported out of a project and imported in another
  • during the planning in the drawing a direct display takes place of your drainage direction
  • you can construct the surface drainage along a predefined or new defined contour
  • multiple processing of surface drainage objects is possible
  • visual representation of tolerance areas is possible: too weak or too high inclinations are highlighted in color
  • a DTM can be calculated based on existing measuring points and existing connecting lines (breaking edges)
  • the definition of reference distances is possible: tolerance areas for inclinations, but also for a reference-DGM, can be determined and indicated
  • generated measuring points can be shifted to the height of a DTM
  • the insertion of additional interpolation points in an already existing connection is made possible
  • a unified dependence direction or inclination along a drainage path can be set
  • created surface drainage objects can be checked upon plausibility

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM

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    parking area drainage

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    drainage with an edited DGM

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    inclination tolerances

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    interactive editor for drainage