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DTM from Laserscan

Our civil engineering software makes the usage and the processing of enormous grid-laserscan data possible. These is provided in high resolution from the responsible authorities of the federal states (format: tile in grid). The grid-laserscan data contains already georeferenced, in a grid arranged points, which describe the ground level.

Further features:

  • for a low capacity utilisation of the CAD: laserscan data is always stored in the project directoy and is not loaded into the CAD
  • via a constructed reference to the tile the information about height can be interrogated within seconds off the CAD
  • no thinning out of data: this is available to the full extent
  • the processing of surface analyses, infrastructure planning and profiles is possible over several kilometres
  • considerable visualization with the help of all functions from the DTM-analysis: e.g. contours, contour levels and inclination- or flow arrows
  • during import of laserscan-tiles the formats from the federal states Hesse and Lower Saxony are supported too
  • if a UTM/GK-meridian strip is not deposited in the tile, it can be inserted easily via a dialogue
  • a rectangular basic form is not mandatory precondition for a laserscan tile: also "fragmentary" tiles were imported in constant position
  • optionally overlay of Open Street Map data (OSM) for each tile
  • the generation of Hillshade surfaces is possible: this gives the user a spatial impression of the relative altitude differences in the terrain
  • plausibility check of laserscan data is possible
  • direction of the points in a tile: right to left and from above to below is possible too

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM

  • Laserscan


  • Laserscan

    contour levels

  • Laserscan

    aerial photo - contour level OSM

  • Laserscan

    OSM Hillshade - contour level