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Sewer planning

With the sewer planning BBSoft® offers the user an efficient and comfortable extension of the sewer database for the planning of new networks, network extensions, of single sections as well as for the subsequent insertion of manholes in already existing reaches. Thereby the module offers at each point in time the connection to the terrain model and to all data. Textpositions and presentation options are stored in the database. Equally the functions for the planning of house connections and road gullies are unsurpassed, optionally with an automatic connection of the road gullies from the route design module 'road drainage' to the main network. The functions of the longitudinal section set standards- and is constantly developed together with our customers.

Further features:

  • automatic generation of manholes and reach sections from 2D- and 3D-polylines
  • clash validation of conduits and reaches
  • quick and comfortable generation of reach sections using templates (e.g. for rain- and dirty water) with automatic determination of the cover level from a DTM
  • determination of reach length, either through a mouse click or through a direct specification of the requested reach length
  • preview of the splitting of pipes under specification of the standard pipe length
  • subsequent inclusion of arbitrary manholes in a DTM
  • material changes in reaches can be considered
  • administration of an uncertain number of terrain models in one drawing
  • shift of manholes- and reach templates during the section planning (e.g. change of diameter)
  • comfortable reproducing and moving of manholes and reaches in another project
  • intelligent insertion of manholes according to an user-defined interval
  • comfortable renaming of manholes of entire reach sections according to user-defined specifications
  • editing of entire sections with only one mouse click is possible - select the lowest reach and all superior ones are opened in an editor
  • shifting of rescheduled sewer systems in the height about an user-defined amount (e.g. change of the planned altitude of the draining ditch or of the collector)
  • automatic generation of road gullies out of blocks with parallel landing of the associated conduits with vertical connection to the main reaches
  • interactive planning of the falling gradient in the longitudinal section with automatic calculation of crashes
  • comfortable planning of house inspection manholes and road gullies with automatic, ISYBAU-compliant naming, determination of the connection height to the pipe (equal bottom-, crown- or shoulder), automatic calculation of the bottom level out of the desired falling gradient of the conduit
  • planning of house conduits also in the stock, especially important during redevelopment: thereby the height of the house connection or of the inspection manhole is maintained and the falling gradient is modified

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-LKAN, BB-LCPL

  • Kanalplanung

    sewer planning

  • Kanalplanung

    creation of reach section

  • Kanalplanung

    connection of road gullies

  • Kanalplanung

    assign of polyline