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Sewer and water networks

The pipe-, conduit- and cable control of BBSoft® is subdivided into the following categories: wastewater, water supply, gas, power and district heat. The current focus of our software is on sewer- and water systems with their respective planning functions, longitudinal sections and hydraulic calculations.

Further features:

  • schedular as well as graphical data management (without CAD) is possible through an implemented viewer
  • gratuitous CAD-connection is integrated
  • it is possible to plan and to work unproblematically on the same project with several users: real multiuser functionality is given and the software automatically prevents the simultaneous access onto the same object
  • realise cross-project, hydraulic calculations and longitudinal sections
  • dates and reminders can be created for database objects (e.g. for inspections/cleanings of reaches to predefined times or for creation of flushing schedules)
  • the presentation is modifiable or arbitrary user-configurable, by means of supplied, standardized presentation models (thematic maps)
  • presentation maps, text positions and the geometry record completly in the database (the CAD serves only for visualization)
  • extensive automatizations through templates definition for all important database objects

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