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Cemetery cadastre

The cemetery cadastre of BBSoft® is a geographic information system, which makes it possible, to record all relevant data of graves, additionally with a graphic presentation. The administration of the cemetery is simplified by the using of this cadastre and thereby can be organized very clearly. The graves can be transferred in the CAD out of the GIS-database and can be shiftet there from their position. The new position, with x- and y-coordinates, will automatically be saved and recorded in the geographic information system.

Further features:

  • precise grave registration and presentation of graves
  • printing of occupancy reports, burial certificates and cost reports in OpenOffice™
  • view of spatial data and administration of technical data in the geographic information system and in the CAD
  • all relevant data to the funeral (date of the burial and funeral service) and all contact persons (payer, undertaker, invoice recipient) can be managed clearly in the geographic information system

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-LGGR, BB-GEGR, BB-GFFRD

  • Friedhofskataster

    presentation of graves

  • Friedhofskataster

    output grave-status report

  • Friedhofskataster

    presentation of graves and building (church)

  • Friedhofskataster

    administration of cemetery