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Intersection planning

Intersection planning complements the extensive road planning program towards a complete, user-related and graphical road planning tool. For the user a large number of construction elements and calculations are available, which are necessary for the planning of intersections and roundabouts. The planning process considers the country-specific norms (RAS-K, RASt06, RAL, VSS and ÖNorm)

Further features:

  • turning circle
  • turning lane
  • jughandle
  • small and large traffic island
  • road dividers and entries and exits (based on BMV ARS and VSS)
  • field of views for car, pedestrian and cyclist
  • sight distance (based on RAL2012)
  • distances, radii and lengths are dialog-controlled
  • heights and connections will be updated automatically during changes at alignments and borders
  • height information of existing borders will be adopted and interpolated in connection ranges
  • via selection of borders in the location plan the program set automatically connection points at the intersection of lines and adopts the selected height
  • bus bays and turning bays (based on RASt06, EAÖ2013, Tiroler Standard (AUT))
  • S-internal radius, whereby the warpage length can be determined automatically with the aid of the design speed
  • include polygonal edging courses (e.g. borders)
  • determine vertical alignment out of edge heights (redevelopment planning)
  • generate automatized crown of a road or unilateral inclined profile

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VSTR, BB-VKNT

  • Knotenplanung

    turning lane and restricted zone

  • Knotenplanung

    jughandle and traffic island

  • Knotenplanung

    roundabout with 3 accesses and road dividers

  • Knotenplanung

    sight distance

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