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Rainwater analysis

The rainwater analysis of BBSoft® will convey you a realistic presentation of different rain occurrences within a DTM. It is performed by initially calculating the catchment areas with their respective surface within a DTM in order to conduct a rainwater analysis subsequently. Based on the drawing, with the selection of rain occurrence, the duration of this and the water amount per hour possible flooding surfaces can be recognized in advance and countermeasures can be taken.

Further features:

  • selection of different scenarios of rainwater analysis, e.g. shower, heavy or constant rain or tropical storm (with the declaration of duration of shower and the respective water amount per hour)
  • rainwater analysis report
  • possibility to draw water valleys in 3D
  • highlighting in the CAD, if a catchment was extended because of exceeding the min. drain height
  • water depth and volumina of each catchment are inscribed in your drawing
  • in the legend you can display the respective heavy rain index of your rain occurrence
  • the hazard classes for the risk of flooding will be highlighted in the CAD (you can choose, if with or without inscription)

required modules: BB-VGR, BB-VDGM, BB-VHLN

  • Regenwasseranalyse

    calculation of catchments

  • Regenwasseranalyse

    settings rainwater analysis

  • Regenwasseranalyse

    result of rainwater analysis in the CAD

  • Regenwasseranalyse

    report for rainwater analysis